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Lift Junkie

Steering & Suspension


Our LIFT JUNKIE lift kits are what you need!


Why a Lift Kit?

A lift kit is a popular aftermarket modification for 4x4 vehicles designed to raise the vehicle's ground clearance by altering its suspension and chassis components. This modification is especially popular among off-road enthusiasts and those who require enhanced off-road performance.

Lift kits come in various forms, such as body lifts and suspension lifts, and they allow for larger tires, improved approach and departure angles, and increased ground clearance. By increasing a 4x4 vehicle's ride height, lift kits enable it to tackle more challenging terrain and obstacles, making them a valuable addition for off-roading adventures. However, it's essential to choose the right lift kit and consider the trade-offs in terms of on-road handling, drivability, and legal restrictions, as excessive lifting can affect a vehicle's stability and compliance with local regulations.

Locally developed Lift Junkie kits tick all the boxes

Compiling the very best combinations of suspension and ride control products, the Lift Junkie Team has created a product that offers light commercial and 4WD users the lift they are looking for without necessitating costly certifications.

Lift Junkie - Lift Kits use a number of premium brand components to enhance the usability of light commercial and 4wd vehicles with up to an additional 2 inches of ride height.

Leveraging insights gained from ute owners and our suspension specialists, the Lift Junkie systems have been designed to help drivers better avoid ground obstacles, carry heavier loads, improve handling control, and enhance driver sight lines.

With a range of options available to suit a wide range of utes and 4WD’s and no modification required, there is bound to be a lift kit that will suit your budget and desired function while utilising some of the industry's best technology, leading brands, and parts.


  • Heavy duty uprated coil and leaf springs
  • Average height increase of 50mm
  • Choice of enhanced shock absorber options to suit every taste – RAW 4x4, Monroe, & Bilstein.
  • Leaf springs include new, long life SuperPro polyurethane bushes
  • Suits a wide range of 4WD, utility and light commercial models
  • High quality yet affordable