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CM Trailer Parts

Light Trailer

BNT carries an extensive range of light trailer components and accessories sourced from New Zealands light trailer experts CM Trailer Parts.

The CM Trailer Parts range of products has been developed with quality in mind - products supplied by CM Trailer Parts are constantly reviewed and modified to provide safe, robust and safety compliant trailer components.

BNT sells CM Trailer Parts full range of Trailer Equipment and accessories including the following:

  • Body Hardware
  • Tork Arm Rubber Suspension
  • Boat Winches & Rollers
  • Tow Balls & Accessories
  • Couplings
  • Towing eyes
  • Hubs & Stubs
  • Trailer Braking Actuators
  • Jockey Wheels & Machinery stands
  • Trailer Braking Systems & Components
  • Leaf Springs & Accessories
  • Trailer Electrical Equipment incl Lightboards
  • Mudguards & Flaps
  • Waterproof Tail Lights
  • Security Products
  • WOF & REGO Holder

For a full range of light trailer parts please speak to your Local Branch.